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30 years of experience in Executive Search
30 years of expertise in the Technology, Consulting, Tourism, and Corporate Event sector

The value of Executive Search, why use an international Headhunter?


We support our clients conducting executive searches both at executive and supervisory board level, with a particular focus on C-Level. The assignments that we are trusted with encompass executive searches for international positions in Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Why partnering with us ?

Founded in 2003 by Herbert Bechtel, BECHTEL-CONSULTING is an Executive Search Firm with headquarter in Frankfurt. Herbert Bechtel was rated as one of the most successful executive search consultants for Central Europe by Nancy Garrison Jenn in her Book “The Global 200 Executive Recruiters”.  We serve companies of all sizes, merging our individual talents with the specific objectives and dynamics of our clients to build best-in-class executive teams. As an executive search boutique, with an international client base, we specialize in: Consulting - Technology - Transportation - Hospitality - Travel & Tourism.


Presenting Top Qualified Candidates who fit your Organisation and Culture

With BECHTEL-CONSULTING, your executive search consultants are trusted headhunters who are experienced company directors and are fundamentally oriented toward “clients and results.” Our two-person team approach allows us to have a clear and objective view of your sector of activity (its actors, trends, skills, and salaries), to conduct exhaustive research, and to provide you with a complete and relevant short list of potential candidates.


What are the Guarantees of an Executive Search Firm?


A search process guided by a precise agenda, with regular strategy sessions clearly defined with you to meet your specific needs. We have a taste for meticulous work, and we meet our deadlines. We provide the assets that lay the foundation for a successful partnership.

Local presence and Pan-European Expertise

As a boutique Search Firm, BECHTEL-CONSULTING combines quality, versatility, and high dedication with Pan-European Scope and capability, offering the best of both. 

We have build trusted relationships with the world's most talented individuals on behalf of the world's most successful companies and organisations .


Herbert Bechtel, the founder of the company was elected to the Board of the German Association of Executive Search Consultants (VDESB) in 1995. He became President in 1997. At BECHTEL-CONSULTING we commit to AESC' Code of Professional Practice. https://www.aesc.org  We operate at the highest standard in the Executive Search Profession.

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