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Making the wrong hire on senior-executive level has catastrophic consequences: costs of replacing the wrong CEO or board member, impact on sales and market position, customer confidence, negative impact on the organization.. 

Whereas the immediate benefits of the right executive hire leads the company to the next step : shareholder confidence, organizational effectiveness, and team engagement!

Get it right with our executive search.


How to identify the candidate who gives you a competitive advantage?


At BECHTEL-CONSULTING, we have been partnering with small, medium and large companies for twenty years and are committed to the high-quality standard of the profession.


The discreet and attentive relationships we have built over the years with both our clients and our candidates form the basis of our reputation. They allow us to elicit trust and attract exceptional people from the economic sector: the best leaders, who have what it takes to transform your organization, give it a new dimension, put together diverse and effective teams, and create the kind of inclusive culture that fosters innovation.


Bechtel-Consulting, a Client-oriented Boutique Search Firm


We operate on an exclusive, client-oriented basis and work on a limited number of assignements at any one time.  

We work for and are compensated only by client organizations. We accept only those search assignments we believe we can perform effectively, establishing at the outset the feasibility 
of specifications.

As an Executive Search Boutique, we are engaged in all aspects of the recruiting process, from defining the candidate profile to his integration in the company with two goals as ultimate focus:

- Developing specialised expertise, by understanding our clients' industry, their strategy and unique needs.

- Building long-term relationships based on integrity, confidence and trust.

Identifying, assessing and integrating Senior-level Executives and Board Directors


We help our clients identify the leadership assets they have, the challenges they need to be prepared for, and the competences they need to cultivate to meet those challenges. Our objective is to identify and attract top-qualified candidates for the specific opportunity. We help our clients to build successful leadership teams.

Bechtel-Consulting's reputation, efficiency and discretion are higly valued


We serve as client ambassadors and advocates in the hiring communities. It is BECHTEL-CONSULTING's expertise discretion, and reputation that attracts highly accomplished candidates and helps convince them to consider a new opportunity.

Most of the people we recommend are currently employed and have to be convinced to make a move. Trust and confidentiality are paramount in our profession and the intermediary role we play between client and candidate is highly valued.


Why successful organizations use Executive Search Firms?


Executive Search Consultant, a trusted partner to find, attract and retain the best leaders worldwilde


Companies have to deal with an environment that is increasingly uncertain, marked by both geopolitical and economic turbulence and the volatility of financial markets. The disruptive development of technology has brought a constant need for innovation and new forms of consuming, while the growing importance of climate change and social issues (DEI) reinforces this need in every field and sector: R&D, production, distribution processes, and consumer relations.

Faced with these challenges and uncertainties, it has become vital for executives, managers, and investors to be able to call on a trusted partner who can identify, attract, and retain leaders with the talent and experience to meet challenges successfully and enhance the viability of their organizations. In short, we will give your company a strong and sustainable competitive edge.


Local presence and Pan-European Expertise

To achieve exceptional completion rates for our engagements we always display total dedication and commitment.

This high level of commitment to our communities has kept BECHTEL-CONSULTING at the forefront of the Executive Search consulting industry. 

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