Industry Expertise & Functions

BECHTEL-CONSULTING has an international network of senior executives, brilliant executives, senior partners, business leaders, and experts who are strongly willing to invest in the development of dynamic companies on Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards.

Our mission is to support our clients in the growth of the company by identifying with them their talent needs for better governance.

Industry Expertise: technology, automotive, telecom, logistics, retail & wholesale, consumer goods, pharma, tourism and transport, manufacturing

Digital Transformation & Innovation

cybersecurity, data management, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), block chain solutions, virtual reality/augmented reality (AR/VR), 3D printing (3D printing), cryptocurrency.


Digital transformation of international corporations, worldwilde E-Commerce, supplier plattforms

Building industry 4.0 hub, blockchain network, competence centers, or global ecosystem of industry partners, accelerators, and startups

Transformation & change management, development of business models, innovation strategies, scaling and developing high performing teams

Our talent portfolio : Global Chief Digital Office, Chief Information Officer, CEO, entrepreneur, investor, Managing Partner, Senior Consultants leading a practice or members of a Global Leadership Team Senior Advisors, NXD, Board Director. 


Strategic planning, M&A, due diligence, joint ventures, alliances, external and organic growth, conquest of new markets, competitive advantages, investors, shareholders, corporate culture, innovation strategy, turnaround strategy Emerging markets, Start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, international firms. Market trends Analysis. Supporting companies in their growth, identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion. Brand repositioning, new product launches.  Growth acceleration, capital investment, alignment with corporate culture.


Our talent portfolio : CEO, Head of Strategy, Chief Strategy Officer, Expert global corporate, entrepreneur, investisseur, Managing Partner, Senior Consultants leading a practice, Board members, Senior Advisors.



Acceleration of e-marketing, e-commerce, data analytics & AI, go-to-the-market, customer experience & operational excellence, pricing, business/product portfolio optimization, accelerated growth driving (partnerships, organic/external growth), business development strategy, penetration of new key accounts, international market share development, Customer Behavior and Loyalty development of strong sales teams.


Our talent portfolio : Directeur EMEA, Chief Revenue Officer, Chief  Officer, COO, Vice Président Global, des profils passionnés par les accélérateurs de croissance, les technologies et l’innovation.

Sustainable development and social responsibility


Mission – Governance & ESG – inclusive culture – diversity – leadership & talent – employer brand expectations of employees, society and stakeholders, circular economy, change of the business model, promotion of sustainable development. Innovate by offering eco-sustainable products and services, reduce greenhouse emissions, supply chain, operational performance, generate value, create a competitive advantage, foster growth.


our talent portfolio : CEO, Head of circular economy, Chief Sustainability Officer, Senior Advisors

Production et processus Industriels : Excellence opérationnelle, stratégie de redressement et retour à la croissance, transformation, optimisation du business model performances opérationnelles,  délocalisation/relocalisation, implantation à l’étranger, Lean management, Sigma, industrie 4.0, Robotics, innovation produits & process.

Our talent portfolio : Vice President EMEA , Directeur industriel, dirigeant de centres de profit, COO, Chief Restructuring Office ou Senior consultant dans le secteur industriel, nos candidats disposent d’une formation en ingénierie, d’une longue expérience internationale  (Europe, Asie, Amérique, Afrique),
et ont conduit avec succès des projets de croissance à l’international.

key words : Executive search, Headhunter, Successful leadership teams,Senior-level Executives, Board Directors